Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What I'm not..... My own place?

Well the last few months have taught me a lot but mostly what I'm not, so consider this my negativity enema.

I'm not rich...not by any stretch of the imagination. One of my friends commented on the state of my financial health last year, but I thought I could handle it, well a few unforeseen circumstances and crashing economy later I realize what a fool I was. But if I was in the same spot again would I have made the same decisions?

I'm not a pro. I'm not Bree or John, I don't have the god given talent, crazy skill, or incredible luck to compete at a high level. I'm a solid age grouper, maybe an "elite age grouper" but at this stage I'm not anything worth writing home about.

I'm not witty/sarcastic like Angry/Cranky

I don't have worthwhile stories like Bree, Jodi, or Speedy.

I don't have the optimistic point of view Leeana, Bjoern, or Jodi.

I'm not pissed at the world just my situation.

so in light of all this I'm thinking about deleting the blog.

Nothing really newsworthy has happened, I'm actaully thinking of dropping New Zealand for next year, not just because it's the "right" fiscal decision, but my Grandfather is thinking about moving into elderly housing which means I'd pretty much have my own place...but that also means rent ( to my parents because they own the place) and utlilities. The brakes on my car went so now I've pretty much spent my next paycheck before it gets here. ( Seriously is there a reason we need $300 worth of books.) So in essence the economy has got me beat. I just want to graduate so I don't have to worry about driving to New Britain everynight and having to eat crap off the dollar menu to survive, it gets expensive in more ways than one. So that's all from me, if the blog's gone in a couple of days, I'm still alive, I'll have just given up on talking and other luxuries for a while.



Mr. Satan A. Chilles said...

Hoooooooo boy, and I thought MY life was one of dwindling bank accounts and lowered expectations.

Listen, you don't need to pull the plug because Taupo might not happen, books are expensive, etc. It's a challenge, right? Isn't flying halfway around the world for your first Ironman a challenge? I'm not great at feel good advice, that's mine, I guess. But look at your current situation as just another of those tough challenges. No, you may not get a medal or bragging rights, but there ain't no finish line when you're just living life.

I can't believe I just typed that.

Well, you get the picture. You have lots of time for a trillion races, and you still have to keep training for them. And write about it. And what would John Locke do?

Runner Leana said...

Bob, just because you aren't a pro or witty doesn't mean we don't enjoy reading your blog! You do have worthwhile stories, because if it wasn't for hearing about all of your tri pursuits I wouldn't have thought about trying to do one. After all, one can't read all these tri blogs on not get bitten by the bug.

Don't make any rash or emotional decisions about dropping NZ. You've put a lot of thought in to why you do want to go. You've talked about how passionate you are to try and qualify for Kona at a young age, difficulties be damned. Remember what got you so fired up for that post and keep that fire going.