Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Bitch Stomper Rides Again!

That's right for the first time in nearly three weeks, I put the rubber to the asphalt. While the ride was nothing impressive, I did manage to get 34 miles ( a little more than 50k) in. The route was my usual circuit of Lake Waramaug with one loop of the pitted back half of the tri course thrown in for good measure ( note I only did one loop, most of the road had been dug up and might be better handled with a mountain bike.). I had debated doing my usual assent into the Depot from Woodbury, but the threat of rain ( which never came) hung in my head so I decided for easier loops of the fairly flat lake. So I just pulled up to the lake, got out the stomper and rode. A few other cyclist were out and enjoying the fine weather, which made tights, toe covers, and long sleeves unnecessary. It was 75 degrees ( tomorrow its supposed to be 55 so I'll most likely have a long sleeve jersey for my assent in to the Depot. Toe Covers and tights optional.) Not much happened other than the fact I was passed by a Clydesdale rider....this sort of hurt my ego...there was no way I was going to get beat by the big it caused me to kick it up a notch....I will say this this dude's legs were all muscle and he held with me and repassed me with ease....seriously this guy was heavy but he was in shape, and he whooped my scrawny ass. So as a warning beware the Clydesdale....because big might also = big and powerful. My legs felt a little tight after the 48 hour sluggfest that was unleashed upon them. I was going to try to do a 7 mile run but after about 3 steps decided to give my legs a breather. As of right now my legs feel a little thrashed but it might be a sign that I need to fuel better and invest in another set of running trainers. Tomorrow debating between a ride/run brick or just a straight up ride or run. I need to start my first draft of my paper, and I'll most likely hit the pool/gym on Monday morning. So all in all, I'm starting to get back into training at fairly moderate volume...part of me wanted to ride longer, but my body was saying 35 miles was quite enough. So essentially I'm at build 1 phase for Eagleman, and with the type of mileage I know I can crankout on the bike I'm confident that I'll be able to scorch my bike splits at the griskus series, and my legs will be well prepared for the infamous triple play week in early July. Now its just a matter of sucking up and getting one day a week doing the Carmichael faster time trial video on the trainer, I know I have base, now I've got to condition my fast twitch fibers as well as hone my pedal stroke and climbing strategys...I want to fly this year.


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