Friday, April 11, 2008

I need to get back to my high volume or. Dr. Rob and Mr. Bob-o

Well after analyzing and reflecting upon my last couple of posts, when my training mileage drops, I become a god- awful whiny bitch. It's sort of a Dr. Jekyl, Mr. Hyde thing, Dr. Rob would be the whinny little sensitive bitch and Bob-o well, the adrenaline pumped, slow teitch endurance sports junky with an obsurd VO2 Max. Maybe it's because my mind wanders, it might be because I'm not surging with adrenaline and endorphins which cause me this wonderful feeling of invincibility, Right now I'm stuck in whiner mode. I need to the up the distance before I start watching chick flicks with a pint of Chocolate ice cream ( sorry ladies no offense.) Ok time to get my self back to my no bull, F**k the world self.

Oh I'm afraid if this girl doesn't like me boo-hoo, poor me....Here's a can of Harden the F**K up Bob, go on a death ride this weekend. If she hates you . Fine Good! 50 miles in the saddle will make you forget all about what's her face.....besides true athletes are warrior monks, to quote my track coach " When you start training ditch the girlfriend, get off the computer and focus on your training." If she likes you well then you've got an excuse to head back to Taupo next year....

Oh crap this history paper's got my boxers in a bunch...toss on a 10 mile run you'll be too concerned about your calves to worry about Sir, what's his face and who what...well ok this you will still want to focus on.... after the 10 miler..... not the end of the world...

Oh woe as me most of my pay check is going to bills.....THIS IS NEW ? Are you paying? Yes. Is anything in threat of repo? No. Then Shut up pay the damn things and get on with your life...god!

ok now that I have man handled my whiny bitch side, on tap for tonight a 7 miler and a 4000 yard pool swim, hopefully that will help me callus back up , after all I've got races coming up and bitches to stomp.

Back in the Saddle Again.

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