Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Rest Day....gasp

Yes that's right despite swimming on Monday despite feeling like I was going to die, I decided to take tonight off from swimming. The bike might get thrown on the trainer or I might go up to the track for another run, but that seems unlikely. Why, well I was all gung-ho after class to go to the Y but after checking my email, emailing mystery girl, who I think Angry and Speedy know who she is, I've decided to skip. ( shit this guy really is off the deep end ) Alright the email isn't the only reason I decided to skip..I am still recovering from a head cold, that and I need to buy a new jammer, you know its bad when all your shit is see through. Tomorrow I have a killer set of doubles planned, a morning swim and a pre-class run. we'll see on the swim, but the run is definitely going on because I'm hoping to do the Nutmeg state Half Marathon at the end of the month. But the email played a big part. Which leads to this week's poll.
Mystery Girl hasn't responded to my last email, I sent her another one today ( damn 3 emails in 14 days that seems kind of stalker-esque, this all coming from a guy who if you recieve one email a year from you're lucky. ) I guess what I'm asking is do I tell her I think she's kind of cute, and I like her , ( Bob-o's code for damn it girl you're on my mind for most of the day, and I'm getting that whole can't eat, can't breathe can't sleep kind of feeling, well ok the can't breathe is the head cold..) Or do I just continue to play it cool say very little of how I feel, and continue the same semi senseless chit chat for a few more weeks.
Seriously its time like this I'm glad I don't have a lot of "disposable income" because I would probably do something stupidly and hopelessly romantic. Like pull the whole Colin Firth thing from "Love Actually" and fly to foregin land where Miss Mystery resides and senselessly spill my guts, most likely resulting in a "damn they gave you too much to drink on the flight." and of course a restraining order....let's face it to be liked by me is a curse, the best thing to do to my romantic ambitions is to crush them instantly.... ( ladies if I ever seem to be attracted to you 4 words to shoot me down..." I have a boy/girlfriend." unlike most single men I do have a code of ethics. ) oh why do I have to be such a political rebel/semi- sacreligious and not be the right mindset for the priesthood, why must I be attracted to pretty, smart, athletic girls with cycling knowlegde and well defined tour de france style posterior chain..... alright my self bashing segment over.... the pols are open cast your lots.



Jodi said...

"unlike most single men I do have a code of ethics"

I like you even more now! (as a woman who recently dated a man for 4 months before finding out from someone ELSE that he was engaged...)


Here's to hoping a great girl with cycling quads falls hopelessly in love with you... and lives within a few hundred miles!


Angry Runner said...

"you know its bad when all your shit is see through."


"damn 3 emails in 14 days that seems kind of stalker-esque

No it doesn't...unless she doesn't respond to any of them and you keep sending.

"I guess what I'm asking is do I tell her I think she's kind of cute, and I like her"

Dammit Bob-O, the next time you get an email from her, just reply with some nonsense and just flat out say "I like you, woman. I'd totally be chasing after you if I was in ___. Oh yea, you're stupid fly and I would hit that daily,nightly, and ever so rightly. Too bad we don't live closer to each other." Women respect a sincere, direct message to a certain degree if the delivery is right.

"the best thing to do to my romantic ambitions is to crush them instantly"

Dude...CONFIDENCE. Get some or you will NEVER get a girl...unless she's fucked up in the head. More are whacko than not. I would know.

"unlike most single men I do have a code of ethics."

Dating and bf/gf ordeals are merely tryouts for the long haul. There is nothing unethical about going after a gal with a bf. If can sell yourself as better than the bf to the point where she realizes he's a cheating douchebag, she'll leave him for you. Tryouts. It don't count until there is a ring on her finger.

"why must I be attracted to pretty, smart, athletic girls"

Uhhhhhhhhhh maybe because they're pretty, smart, and athletic. Just a guess...

"alright my self bashing segment over"

If I EVER read another post of yours like this I am going to bring you to the park with my kettlebell and slosh pipe and I am going to beat the shit out of you. Zurcher walks with the slosh pipe will give you loads of confidence. You'll love it too.

rocketpants said...

I have to she much of Miss Mystery when a few posts prior you put her name out there? Just curious. :-p

As Angry said, as long as she is responding to email....DEFINITELY not a stalker. And if she IS responding to the emails...only 3 in 14 days?

Being direct is good (careful on over the top though, sometimes Americans can come off brash and brazen to them), then she will know where you are coming from, which is useful especially since she is so far far away. (its not hard to learn to drive over there either). But you will need to stay away from American slang as much as possible.