Thursday, April 10, 2008

The die is cast........

Ok I emailed Mystery Girl, whom most of you already know is Catherine, if you didn't well it's out of the bag now. I told her that " I kinda liked her." whether or not I should invest in a nomex head sock, in case this blows up in my face, remains to be seen. If it works out awesome! If it doesn't then the guys in IT are going to be having a good laugh. But that's the news from lunch break.

Hopelessly smitten.


Angry Runner said...

DAMMIT BOB-O! Stop this end-of-the-world 'bla bla bla I suck' bullshit. You and I have a date with the slosh pipe this weekend.

Look at it this way:
Risk- she says 'no, don't talk to me anymore' and it's over. Sure you are a wee bit heartbroken, but you don't have to see her again and you move on.

Reward- She says 'ya I heart you Bob-O' and then you two get to figure it out.

Nobody is going to laugh at you, nobody is going to heckle you, and the worst is that your ego is bruised. You were/are upfront and honest with her...there isn't much else you can do. That is enough in itself.

You'll be fine.

Bob Almighty said...

Technically it's not end of the world and I do not suck...I just have shitty luck with the ladies, right now I'm starting to wind down with school, so soon i'll be back to my normal train like an animal and the hell with anything else attitude, it's just all the random emotional stressed out shit is hitting me because I'm not at my ridiculously high volume yet...also the IT comment was sort a dig at tech department..because I sent the email on my lunch break and they sort of eaves drop on all out going shit to make sure I'm not some kind of spy for BOA or some other shitty mega bank. Like I said give me 2 weeks and i'll be back to my high volume, fun loving self.