Friday, May 23, 2008

Big Stress....little pay check.

Well that can best describe my current situation. As mentioned my Parents Finances have not been the greatest and me the ever dutiful son has tried to help the best I can messing mine up....granted not irreperably. Neddless to say this has been a rather stressful month for me. Eagleman is officially on the chopping block...I'm trying to weigh the cost to the benefits, while I feel it could be a good race, I'm not really sure at this point if it's worth it. Shit usually resloves itself in the end. Likewise the home stituation has been sort of deteroiating. Part of me feels like I've failed in my duties as a son and older sibling, in not being able to help more, the other feels I have done my part it is not my responsiblilty to carry the family on my essence it has been a conflicting past 30 days. I have sort kept myself away from my friends, feeling that this is a personal issue and is best dealt with alone or as rants on a web page,that and I was trying to finish papers desperately. June is going to be my Hell month as I try to restore my fiscal health. Whether or not I will race everything I have planned is debatable and will be game time decisions. Not to sound cliche but it's going to be a long hot summer.


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