Friday, May 23, 2008

Sorry for all the negative energy

I apologize to most of my readers that the last few posts have had a negative tinge, but I find that typing on a computer is better than doing something stupid when I'm stressed. My workouts the last couple days have been semi impressive, last night I got in a 12 miler, this morning I did a 2000 yd. straight swim. Tomorrow I've got a trainer session in the office as part of our " get your finanacial check- up "promotion. I might put some miles on asphalt and then it's off to see the new Indiana Jones flick with Adam. So far I feel physically ready for Eagleman, but emotionally I'm a train wreck. Between home stress, financial stress which tend to go hand in hand, finishing finals, my mind is just in a constant whirlwind and most days it's hard to find which way is up. so for all the negative posts I apologize but if I kept it bottled up there might have been a scortch mark surrounded by a timex visor and two scortched New Balanced sneakers on some road in Connecticut. In any case I apologize for venting so much but it is just a trying period.

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Speed Racer said...

Don't trip. Vent all you need to. It seems like you are able to put your negative energy towards something positive (ie well-focused training sessions). The storm will calm down. In the meantime, work on the things you can control, and when the rest of it starts to get to you, get out and run.