Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Escape from Debtopia....

Well as all of you know from the last couple of posts I've been forking over big coin on necessary expenses.Things are starting slowly on the up swing at Chez Robert, my mom managed to sell 3 rentals, my dad's severance package will be kicking in and I will no longer be feeling like a 40 year old man. Which is good because I'm too damn young to be going bald or grey. Upon looking at my budget I figured out for the last couple of months I've been really over extending my means...and amassed a giant mound of debt. Upon analysis I have decided it is in the interest of my financial health, and my dreams of possible condo owner ship in the greater San Diego Metro area, to tackle said debt. June is going to be a hellish month because I still have to throw down on a Hotel and gas money...but afterward my goal is to pay down as much debt as humanly possible. That means no frivious spending in July and August. The Stimulus Check will be hitting the bank in June or July so that will hopefully erase one elephant credit card payment. Upon seeing how much I've thrown down on that card I've realized that if I put it on ice paid its minimum and devoted the money I've spent on it to other debts, I could realistically be down to two credit cards by February...so July the two off weeks I have will be spent reducing debt. I still plan on doing Park City and Nutmegman, Niantic is debatable. If I make Clearwater this could be a tough call same with Kona, physically my body's all for it, mentally and financially, my mind is telling me to wait until my ducks are in a row. Ironman for 09...not sure on New Zealand...but if not there if I have the $500 in August I'll throwdown for Louisville, otherwise I know Multisport.com offers $1000 training and race packages for Arizona in Nov. 09 starting in June of 09 the race entry is included in the price ( and I get coaching to boot can you say PR's all season.)and there is always the Kona Lotto . New Zealand 2010 is on tap as my graduation / I survived CCSU gift to myself. But anyhoo 09's a long way off and I have at least 2 months before I have to worry about the North American Ironman's and at least 6 months before IMNZ fills up.( seriously only 200 slots went in the first week.) Right now the main thing is to get my ass in shape for Eagleman. On the Anthro paper front still no word from my professor so Tomorrow I'm emailing her my completed draft and dropping a hard copy...if she fails me...then it wasn't for lack of trying.
On the Plus side...CCSU and the State of Connecticut gave me a $2000 grant for being an in-state commuter. Also if I take out the same amount of Staffords I'm eligible for that's $4000 to apply toward my credit cards after all these things have paid my gas, books, food, and items for my sanity (running shoes....race entries....Airfare...bottle of scotch for history professor....I mean myself...I mean nice gift for history professor.)So operation Escape from Debtopia will be coming to a theatre near you Starting late June 2008.
Well that's all for me tonight.

Hopefully seeing black in March 2009.

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