Sunday, May 18, 2008

Well I did have a mussy gushy post, but that ain't my style...

Well Originally I had posted an Ode to friends to say I have been around some pretty cool people in my life, but that was just way too emotional for even for a sap like me. Don't know if I'll be posting much positive crap in the next few weeks..stuff is starting to improve but the last couple weeks have seen me on the verge of emotional and financial collaspe....for some odd reason I'm the only 23 year old in the world trying to raise his parents..... I seriously feel I'm too damn young to be dealing with this shit...but whatever, I've been too damn young to deal with a lot of the shit in my life. I've decided as soon as Chrissie is done with exams I'm going to start commuting by bike...the price of gas is too damn ridiculous, that and I need the training miles, besides I only live 2 miles from work, and 10 miles from the Southington Y. The Waterbury Y is closer but would put myself and my bicycle in great peril trying to commute to it... my rims would be gracing some low rider wal-mart beach crusier and my frame would be sold at the nearest pawn shop...riding to Southington I just have to worry about being taken out by a rabid soccer mom speeding in her SUV or an ADD teenie bopper wondering what just cracked the valance on her new acura....but then again I was dealing with big rigs on NZ route 1 so soccer mom is a piece of cake. ( crap those could be infamous last words.)

Well that's all that's gone on here. Eagleman is in 3 weeks, my speed on the flats was good and my base is surprisingly high despite the fact that I haven't really ridden as much as I would like. My running is feeling good, I've got a 7 miler on tap tonight followed by a swim or vice versa.
The swim is good although I've been feeling sluggish in the water. I chalk most of that up to my mental state for the last week
Angry is back from the mid west....with no cougars caught....Claire kick serious ass at her Half Iron finishing second in her age group and 4th female overall...also surprisingly close to my Half Iron time at Nutmeg last year.....she might succeed in that beating one of my splits afterall...which if that happens I will be renting a set of Zipp 808's for the Patriot..which speaking of which I foundout requires a pro card to compete in the open, but upon talking to the race director they don't enforce. I have decided that if I make it to Kona or Clearwater at Eagleman then I will race for cash at the Patriot....after all airfare to Kona..doesn't grow on trees..that and if they offer a swim prime I want to take a go at it. So yes if I am Hawaii or Florida bound this fall..I will be taking a crack at a check on 4th of July weekend.
So those are my random ramblings of the day.


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Speed Racer said...

I've been having the same thoughts about commuting by bike. Problem is that my beater bike needs a new rear cassette, and I can't afford it because I keep spending all my money on gas.

I hope the personal shit clears up soon. All this stuff comes in waves, and hopefully you'll be back on the upswing by the time Eagleman rolls around.

And just so we're clear: TECHNICALLY I was 1st in my AG, since top three are removed from their age groups. Technically.