Sunday, May 18, 2008

The long and short.....

Well Today was pegged to be a long day, but confusion, a NDE involving me speeding through a light changing to RED and then the guy I cut off pulling me over and cussing me out..luckily that's all that it turned out to be becuase of the massive line of traffic behind him. Now seriously, I get pissed when I get cut off but I murmur my cusses to myself or to the windshield and carry on with my day....somehow in the grand scheme of things pulling the guy who cut me off over and beating the shit out of him isn't going to help anything....irregardless..I was at fault an deserved it.

So that led to me decideing to cut my ride plans short....after all if I couldn't focus at a traffic signal driving a 2000lbs car. There was no way I was going to trust myself going out for 4 hours 0n a 15lbs. bike getting fatigued and make stupid mistakes that could get me killed...dying at 23 is not in my game plan...unless of course it's after my heart explodes making up the 15 min swim gap on the pros and winning the Hawaii Ironman outright.....then I guess that's a good trade off.
Any way, I decided to drive up to Central to cash in some books only to find the bookstore had just I drove to Central Wheel to pick up some Shot Bloks ( sadly 2 packs I bought were hard as a rock.) and price out an Ultegra was $100 probike kit is offering the same at $50 but the shipping would kill me getting it from the UK... I'll check Newington on Monday, because they accept Trek Card and I need to conserve as much money as possible for Eagleman. After picking up my crap from Central Wheel..I drove out to the Lake and did 3 loops at ungodly time trial speed...if I wasn't going long then I was going hard. I did about 23 miles averaging the not too shabby pace of 20.8 mph...if I can hold that shit at Eagleman Kona might..might be a possibility.....but I digress. I did a quick shoe change and ran a loop of the lake, getting about 7.75 miles underfoot. While it wasn't the long day I was hoping for, but I felt rejuvinated at the end of it. Seriously for all the crap that's hit the fan in the last month, the stress motherlode that was finals week...shit got to email Dr. Adams my Anthro paper....even though she never responded to my emails...I seriously think I sent them to the wrong person, and now some Econ Professor is like "who the Hell is Rob and why is he emailing me?" In any case that was Saturday.

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