Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Eagleman hotel swap... ( with music cues)

( Cue Benny Hill Music Here)

Well upon checking mapquest, I found that my Hotel reservaton in Prince Frederick, MD was actually 90 miles away from the race site ( apparently Marriott measures areial view instead of road routes. ) Irregardless, I went to, and after some quick distance comparisons found a hotel in Salisbury, about 35 miles away as the crow ...or I guess in this case the raven flies.

( switch music to Nirvana's " Rape Me" )

Sadly the hotel reservation was $169.00 for Saturday night but dropped to $84 for Sunday Night, can you say they saw this race coming and were like "Cash Cow!" anyhoo it turns out to be $30 more for the course of the trip but I figure the shorter commute is worth that alone in gas money and aggrevation, also it will not require me to get out of bed at 3AM and race fatigued.

(switch music to "Mony Mony")

Today I sell back my books hand in my papers and officially end this infernal semester. I don't know what the books are worth but if I can walk away with $30 to $50 it will be a welcome aid to the Escape from Debtopia/ Fuel Bob-o's ridiculous obesession fund. In any case things should be looking better after this trip is done and over with. All the rest of my races are somewhat local, 2 within cycling distance if I wanted to. The only two that worry me are Patriot and RI 70.3, my sisters might stay home for Patriot which means I might take up the homestay option extended to me earlier, and Melissa and Chrissie are staying with one of Melissa's friends in Providence, and I might have someone to split hotel with in Naragansett ( I plan on staying close to the Start, unless they are running shuttles to the State Beach from Providence, man that has to be a logistical nightmare.)

(switch music to " Eye of the Tiger")

The last 2 days I have started to get myself into post-exam training mode. While I did waste some gas money driving to the Lake on Saturday for my Brick, I have kept it close to home the last couple of days. Also on Monday night my sinuses thought this lovely little cold snap would be the perfect time to render my voice box useless. So on Monday I went for a 7.5 mile run ( 12k) and left most of the town of Wolcott covered in my snot....still I manged to get it done in 1hr. even...who's bad ass...I'm bad ass!

( switch music to Disturbed's "Down with the Sickness")

Monday night and last night I managed to crank out about 3100 yards in the pool each time. Monday was spent on getting my fast twitch muscles back in gear, and last night I attempted a set of 4x400 on 5:30, I made the first one the second one lost time because I miscounted so I waited a minute and did the last two barely making them on 5:25. My stamia is down, my stress level was high, and the little sinus infection was making my life hell, so as soon as I hit 3100 yards it was into the hot tub, to loosen up.

(Music off, unless you want to head bang.)

Well that's it. Someday I'll learn how to imbed from itunes, and I'll actually get that feature to work.


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