Saturday, May 24, 2008

Commuting by bike....commuting through life

That's right OPEC ,the NY Merchantile Exchange, and Big Oil have pushed me to the edge with their rampant speculation, soaring price per barrel, and mad profit$. That's right to try to save on my gas bill.....I mean the enviroment...I have decided that I'm going to start commuting to the office via the Bitch Stomper. the couple of times I've tried it, getting in hasn't been the problem, but riding home can be a little tricky, due to the fact I have to cross the main drag and try to remount on a hill. Also getting caught behind school buses on the trip back can be a little hair raising, ( also a pain in the ass on hills because when they stop you stop and lose all your momentum, and then have to walk it up.) Luckily it's only a mile into the office, I'll ride in good weather, not risking a soaking or road grime all over my business attire, in a monsoon, that and it gives me an excuse to get a ride in after work, granted not a long one but enough. My stress level is slowly coming down as I'm in the focus and plan mode, of how to cope with the mountain of crap that has been thrown my's sort of like jumping into a cold lake first there is shock, fear and anxiety, then you just start swimming realizing that if you keep yourself in the same spot you're just going to get colder and more anxious. So in regards to my crap I have to start formulating a plan to get out of it and where I want to be. Part of me needs to realize that I can't save the world if I can't save myself, likewise I'm 23 entering what should be my last year of college, and after that it is time to move off on my own. I am greatful to my parents for taking me in when I came back from New York beaten, broken and broke, but part of me realizes I can not stay at home forever, that I need for better or worse try to make it on my own. So hopefully in Fall of 09 with a degree in hand, a job lined up, and all things together this aspiring tri guy/ corporate minon will be on the West Coast,paying down college debt, soaking up sun, and contemplating a pro card. At least that what I'm hoping. Like I said 2008 is going to be a little stressful as I get things in order so for all the stressed out vent posts past and to come I deeply apologize. but as mentioned it is going to be a long summer full of soul seaching, anger venting, and debt reduction, and oh yes a few psychotic races I've tossed in along the way. On tap for today, a quick brick followed by a movie tonight with Adam, tomorrow I'm planning on rolling out to Woodbury and getting some bike miles, maybe droppin in on sir Angry and the Slosh pipe.
Well that's it for the AM

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