Tuesday, January 8, 2008

2008 Goals/Objectives

Ok in the business/ military world we have "goals" those warm fuzzy personal little things we want to do better but it won't be the end of the world if we don't achieve them, and then there are objectives...the things you absolutely must do if you value your life/position/ being employed for more than minimum wage. So here are the goals:

1. Get out of debt....( laugh, snicker, it's a nearly impossible dream but maybe I'll have a night where I'm on fire at the Craps table, or pick some lucky lotto numbers, or gasp go pro with this whole tri thing.)
2. Qualify for Kona
3. Win age group in New Zealand
4 Decimate Age Group in New Zealand
5. Win my age group in at least 3 races this year.

Here are the objectives:
1. Finish IM New Zealand: I am crossing that finish line even if I have to pay a set of Paramedics to carry my ass over it on a stretcher.
2. Qualify for Kona or Clearwater, or another North American Ironman ( don't know if they have slots for other races at Eagleman but it would be cool if they did.)
3. Improve my cycling skills...I am almost getting to the point where I am fearless again on 2 wheels.
4. Another Marathon I want to see how fast I can crank one of these suckers out on full rest.
5 Medal at the Griskus Sprint : Macca had Kona, Earnhardt had the Daytona 500, and I have this little sprint the race I just could not win.... like these two I will breakout and I think this year could be the year.
6. Plan for my 2009 Ironman....don't know if It'll be NZ, Placid, Arizona,Florida, Hawaii or CDA but I fully intend to do another M-dot. And I will actually have a more structured training regiment for this one. other than my hodge podge of long swims, long runs, and riding until I run out of daylight
7. Defend my age group title at the New and Improved Nutmeg State Half Iron. Bjorn will be better prepped and the bike course will be faster......breakout the areo helmet.
8. Get at least one race in the greater Boston and greater NYC metro area done this year. Claire hauled ass down here for a training ride so I sort of owe her. That and I need to meet the infamous cranky runner...maybe I'll volunteer for the NYC tri so I can get a free entry in 09.
9. Avoid injury

Well those are the objectives for 2008. See ya at the races.

also tax time is approaching so if anyone is interested please donate to the War on ALS or Claire's AIDS ride...you could get a deduction.

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