Friday, January 11, 2008

I have been to Hell and I have seen the devil...his name is Coach Troy...

Last night on a whim I decided to haul up to Newington Cycle and take advantage of their free spinning classes ( it beats sitting in my room alone hunched over the areobars cussing Coach Troy as I diligently crank out my Spinnervals.) Instead it was a group of 10 of us hunched over our aerobars noticing Troy's "fuzzy math" Count downs. Seriously did you notice how he jumps from 5 to up when he wants you out of the saddle and it seems like he has a 10 second pause between 5 and 3 and the end of set count down. Troy was not the only one taking a beating as Jeff, the senior mechanic, was revealing his "mid-life Crisis purchases" We chimed in if you start a tour team you've got plenty of takers. ( the takers being me and 4 other 20 somethings grinding it out in the back.) It felt good to group "ride" for the first time in almost two months, granted I definitely think I talk too much. (New Year's resolution " Shut the Hell Up Rob!") . Well my motor mouth aside it was a good 75 min. of aerobic base building, I'm pretty sure I was in zone 2 0r 3 but I don't have a heart rate monitor so I go off or perceived exertion, so if I'm huffing puffing and can barely talk, I know I'm in my anaerobic zone, If I can talk with little difficulty I'm in aerobic and if I'm making hand movements with my speech then I'm not working hard enough. I know it's low tech and primitive in this age of heart rate monitiors, GPS monitors, Power taps, Monkey girated, lazer calibrated HM, GPS, Power reading bike mounted Espresso machines, but hey that's how my poor college student ass rolls, eventually I'll get my self a heart rate monitor ( I'm looking timex, polar, or possibly Garmin but like I said I don't like to be like the other kids on the block.) ut for right now i have more pressing expenses.


I apologize there have been no images in the last couple of posts, I've been posting when on break at work, because something happened with my router at home and now only one PC has Internet access, and my little brother has taken it hostage playing at club penguin or what ever little evil 12 year olds log on to, and with these kids today if you separate them from electronics there is Hell to Pay...not like in my day when we'd just pull out wiffle bats and start beating each other with them.....ahh memories, or lack thereof.


rocketpants said...

He's so annoying...sometimes I want to kick him in the teeth...but it is a great workout.

Speed Racer said...

Heart rate monitors are overrated. Little brothers were made to be beat up so you can take their stuff. Beat him up and take what is rightfully yours.