Monday, January 7, 2008

The Thaw: or I will be a running machine for the next three days

Yep, that's right the long awaited January Thaw had made its presence felt . Today it hit 60 and I celebrated by sitting at my desk. I did get in a nice 7-8 miler after work, in the dark in SHORTS for the first time in almost a month. Tomorrow I'll probably crank out another nice 7-10 miler before work, with the possibility of a trainer session or a quick set of hill repeats. ( I don't like riding in the dark.) I went to masters cranked out a 4500 yard workout. Part of me still feels under trained for this Ironman but I'm channeling the spirit of fellow HEATster Raphael on this one: if he could do Lake Placid in under 12 hours with no long runs, one long ride and a killer swim background...I know I should be able to do the same...with the long runs, and long swims but no real long ride as of yet....Saturday or Sunday I'm cranking out 5 hours I have to ,just to get the long brick thing in. Also temps for the weekend don't look to bad, seasonable , 30's - high 40's ....although another week of this warm stuff would be nice.
Angry and Leena tackle the Disney Marathon this weekend. My first Marathon was a 3:56 on the semi rolling Nashville Country Music Course...Angry's rolling in the Florida flatlands so I'm pretty confident he'll surpass my mark. Well that's it for me Karas kicked my ass again tonight so I'm hitting the sack.

The creature of the Night

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