Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The People have spoken:

and Cervelo has been brandished the most overated tri bike. ( Boo-yah !) in a close second Specialized ( d'oh)...third was PlanetX (a write in via Dr. Jodi) the other nominees did not recieve votes, which now means I cannot badmouth C-dizzle, or trek, or the QRoo/Litespeed and the sketchy although tempting bike and a wetsuit offer....putting my credit card in a block of ice. ...temptation averted. The newest poll is open until Saturday who will finish higher in the Disney Marathon:
Runner Girl Lenna the pride of Canada. A woman who's idea of whimping out is an 8 miler in -20 degree weather with -40 wind chills.
or the
New England's own Angry Runner. A ticked off young soul running on emotion, gansta rap, and pure piss and vinegar.
In either case it will be close current polls are deadlocked with each person recieving 2 votes a piece.

1 comment:

Angry Runner said...

Claire keeps pissing me off moreso than normal...

Less "piss and vinegar" than "piss and gu", but that just sounds nasty.