Saturday, January 12, 2008

Time to kick this pig

While Runner Girl and Angry Runner perform an epic duel in the land of the screaming brats and retirees...I will brave slightly warmer than usual temperatures in order to continue my battle against the clock and mother nature to get in my normally ill fated long ride. The last 4 attempts have been unsucessful for reasons ranging from impedending snow storms/darkness to an obligation to the "Pope" Today will be a relatively short ride....hoping for 50 miles, most likely will get in 30 and a run. Tomorrow will be another attempt at long ride up at the lake, once again racing darkness and snow, which usually doesn't fall or if it does a relatively small amount.....thank God for La Nina, cold as Hell but not as much snow to deal with. If anyone in the greater New England area is interested in riding tomorrow here's the game plan:

Lake Waramaug:
Parking at Town Beach, that little lot on your right at the stop sign right across the street from Doc's Resturant.

Planning on Starting the ride at 12:30PM to be safe...hopefully my priest gives a short homily tomorrow.

Planning on Doing 10-15 loops of the Lake, possible 2 loop run afterward depending on Darkness (Man I really miss summer. When I could finish a ride at 7:30 PM and still have about an hour of daylight left.)

Will I be successful on my 5th attempt? Maybe I should make that a poll.

Well those are my ramblings for the weekend. I will post again on Monday as I contiune to fight
lack of the interweb at the homestead.

Bobbke III.

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