Sunday, January 6, 2008

For some odd reason I just cannot get this freaking long ride in.

Well Today was supposed to be devoted to distance a day of just me, The Bitch Stomper and the road around Lake Waramaug. I left early and got to the lake early, only to hear from a group of runners that the shoulder was a little slick. I decided to go and grab more Gatorade and this turned into a nice 20 min. adventure down Route 109 into New Milford. I got back to the lake and started riding at 10am I figured I should be able to get a nice 5 hours in the saddle...right? Wrong. About 15 miles in I get a text and a voicemail...." Hey Bob are you still on for the Boar's Head Festival tonight." oh shit that was this weekend I thought to myself. It is just my luck that I would volunteer to help at my Chuch's largest fundraiser and it would be held on the warmest Sunday in 3 months. I managed to eek out another 15 miles before going home showering and heading to the Shrine. Now the role I was playing in this little end of Christmas music/arts extravaganza was a pope bearer. Pretty much I carry some dude in a pope costume around.

Pretty much in a fashion similar to this. ( Ain't being Catholic great.) It was neat and the guy we had playing the Il Papa was pretty light . If fact it just might become a New Exercise routine: 10 x Standing Pope lifts. ... So it turned out to be a good night. Granted I still need to get a ride in. I decided that if I am scheduled off on Saturday I'm taking the day off, no covering at the last second, no being the good employee, I need to get this ride in before my class imposed taper. My foot is down and any one that has a problem with that can take it up with the Pope.....ok so he wasn't the real Pope but I'm getting this ride in. And I'm serious about it.




Speed Racer said...

Ugh! That's SO frustrating. I thought popes had pope-mobiles? You couldn't get a golf cart to fill in for you?

Bob Almighty said...

well technically it was a medieval themed show so the Popemobile didn't exist yet so technically three other dudes and me were the Popemobile circa 1300 AD