Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Running before work.

By the title of this post some people are probably thinking I traded in wing tips for New Balance flats, my shirt and tie for anything moisture wicking, and I have given the corporate world the finger , in order to grow out my hair and a beard and get my Pre on. Most of you have common sense and realize that I'm merely describing my morning workout which I was able to get in (I have to wait for my vacation to get my grunge/Pre look going on.) , in dare I say, daylight. The past few mornings I have had an addiction to the snooze button. Yesterday I did nothing, my sinus were starting and rather than push myself to get a post work run/ trainer session and susequent head cold in I decided to follow my body's warning signals and take a nice nap. Today I again hit snooze, got up a 7am and dropped my sister off at school. Got home and ran my normal 7-8 mile loop because I was not due in to work until 10AM. Now I definately like running this loop in the daylight better than at night, although on a clear night running around the lake is quite pleasant, but running past the old town burial ground is unsettling ( even in the daylight I pick up my pace a little as I run past.) My total time for my morning jog was an 1:02 which means I back to my summer pace. I just need to get in a couple more long runs and one long brick and I should be Taper ready. This weekend it supposed to get cooler but no snow or ice is in the forecast so I could be able to get some more outdoor riding in, perchance two bricks a 30mile bike/10 mile run on Saturday and a much longer ride on Sunday, up at Waramaug as always, riders always welcome. Next week looks to be mostly run focus as Temps are supposed to dip back below normal and the week after a "School enforced" taper begins, and it'll probably be in the 70's, with all these wacky weather patterns. Oh well back to the grind. And before I sign off a shout out to the Angry Runner, who is probably enroute to Orlando and 26.2 miles of ....Glory.
Well that's all I can crank out right now, Karas has some sadistic plan for me tonight.

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rocketpants said...

Alway good to get the daylight AM running in. Yea the January thaw followed by the January freeze out...sounds like NE hasn't change that much in a year. HOpe you can get all you need in this weekend.