Thursday, January 31, 2008

Curse You OPEC Bastards!

Ok Today despite lack of a check from the State of Connecticut for my hours of lounging by the gas gauge did not want to help my currently "delicate" fiscal situation...when I dropped my sister off at school and looked at the lovely little red arrow pointing at E....with at least 4 round trips to Central and other various running around before my guaranteed pay day next Thursday I decided that I was left with no choice (unless I wanted to run the 25+ miles to CCUS) but to put my account in the red ( unless of course that overdue check shows up today!) and fill up with that lovely over priced crude oil...( somewhere in Saudi Arabia a member of the Royal Family is smiling and considering buying another Mercedes.) Money Rant almost collect the $250 for IM NZ from the Tri club I have to sumbit a funds request form and a reciept for either
a) my race entry
b) my air fare
c) my hotel

Well the only reciept I have is for my IM entry (Haven't "paid" for my airfare and I paid Ken Via phone for my hotel)....bad news its in NZ $ so this could be interesting......I'll submit that seeing if anything can come of it other wise I should have my plane ticket in about a week.

so now officially money rant over.

Last night I went running with Bjoern in the nice part of the New Britain Ghetto...about 6-7 miles in under an hour so it wasn't bad, granted I missed masters, so my lungs will repay me when I hit the pool tomorrow night.
I went running this morning before usual 8 miler. I needed to get the monetary stress/ and the fact that our four dogs are driving me over the edge in some diabolical plot, to turn or house into a litter box, or me into a pooper scooper, out of my head before it drove me "insane in the membrane." quoting Cypress Hill now that's old school. So yeah my mental condition is typical of a month out of the 1st Ironman, and also of that after Christmas paying for all the stuff you spent way too much on and your income tax check is weeks away period. up and down and mostly neurotic
Like I said things are getting better, they just take time....which is a luxury that I don't have at the moment.

In the mean time would anyone like a kidney....I can give you a good deal.

The Ben Gordon of going insane.

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