Thursday, January 31, 2008

Ken Glah, I love You!

Today I recieved an email at EST that they had my flight intinerary ( ok I completely killed that spelling but WTH). Now my Student loan was disburst today so I should be getting checkage within the next 5 days. Problem is to reserve my flight I would have to book tomorrow...i called Ken to try to see If I could stall giving payment until I have my "moderately sized" Check in Hand. " Sure you already paid for the ground package and if you can get me the stuff Monday or Tuesday so I can send it to ticketing." Thank you Ken. The price from his group is about $400 less than it would cost me to book on my own at this point. So hopefully the State won't be the State and actually mail my stuff out on time..and I will have my ass a nice plush seat for a 12 hour flight, on the 23rd. Ken Glah you are the Ben Gordon of ticket prices!......

Ok to recap my day

State dragging its ass = bad
OPEC gouging gas prices= bad
my dogs trashing my house= bad
8 mile run =good
Ken giving me extension to pay =good
Loan getting disburst = good
Getting my loan check and a W-2 would make this day priceless....

Ekeema Okafor eat your heart out!

Alright I know I know now I have to mention Jake Voskul and other UConn players.

Edit: Last night I figured out the reason I haven't gotten my W-2 and backed check from the State. Apparently the guys in payroll missed spelt the 3 at the begining of my address aparently they thought I put B5 instead of 35 so that can explain why my stuff hasn't come in. I've gotten in touch with them to correct this.

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Speed Racer said...

Yippee! Looks like things are finally falling into place!