Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I miss running......

This morning I had the great idea of going for a 5AM run and I would have done one too..except for my good friend the snooze button. 5 turned to 5:30 to 6 to 6:30 to 6:45 and by that time it was just crawl out of bed and drive my sister to school before going to the office. So sadly my New Balance 720's are collecting a fine layer of dust. Last night my crappy mood/ trying to rebuild my immune system resulted in me by- passing my trainer work out. So tonight I have class and a Cen-Tri meeting ( in which I will get Bjorn's bike case and a lovely $250 from the school for food and travel expenses for New Zealand. So I won't be living off ramen pre- Ironman. ) after that masters and a nice 5 mile jog in the well lit parts of my sub-urban hood. ( man that little headlamp is paying off, thank you for the gift card Simona.) Tomorrow I'm not due into the office until 11:00AM so a morning run, in daylight by god, is an actual possibility. Friday the apocolyptic weather mongers are predicting the mother of all snow storms as they always do and like always we will most likely end up with a flurry. So I might be reduced to just a trainer/ treadmill session other wise wait they just changed it to Monday....gotta love that kind of accuracy. Saturday I will hopefully have decent road conditions to get in a nice 50-100 miles on the bike...or I will have gas cash for a trip up to the lake. Sunday I figure a nice town ride and a run brick is in order. So that's the game plan as of now, as always its a "read and react" winter training plan . so yes my mood is starting to improve a little bit. My loan gets disburst tomorrow so I can pay down one of my annoying credit cards so I can buy gas, books, and oh yeah a nice plane ticket to New Zealand. My lifeguarding W-2 should be in any day now which means I can fire up ye old turbo tax or call up my brother's godfather, file for 2 to the 007 and get a hefty refund direct deposit, which will then pay down a credit card and Bob-o's magical mystery tour. (That $600 "economy booster" is going directly into a high yield savings if there still such a thing as a high yield savings in mid-May.) so things are coming together.....I just wish they'd move a little faster.

Trying to rebound Ray Allen Style

Ok I know I'm going to get shit about that ending


Speed Racer said...

Glad to hear things are looking up. You still don't have your tickets to NZ?! Need a translator, cheap?

Thanks for your concern. I'm still alive, and working at getting well. I haven't worked out since my last 2.5 mile run last Thursday, and short of telling people about the dozens of On Demand movies I've seen in the last week I just haven't had much to talk about.

Happy training and take care of yo'self. be cool, stay in school!

Bob Almighty said...

Thanks for writng back as of this moment Angry is kidnap....enlisting mr. Gooding Jr.'s asistance in tracking down a monkey with the anti bodies. About a being a translator my Spanish is well muy mal, I don't think anyone speaks Latin, and I'd be afraid of how I would come across in Japanese, altough I might try being a courier..."Here's your EPO Herr Stadler...."

Angry Runner said...

Ray Allen. Well done.

You are now charged to use Ben Gordon in a post.

Mr. Satan A. Chilles said...

Thanks for making me feel better about missing a 'brick class' at 5:30 this morning. The only bricks I saw were imaginary and located inside my legs and ass as I used gravitational forces to press my entire body into a mattress.

And glad to hear some benjamins are coming over (sorry for the old school reference, then again, even 'old school' is old school).