Saturday, February 2, 2008

A lot of sound and fury........

Well today is just one of those days I'm glad I took up long distance running instead of boxing. After a well chaotic onslaught of retirees stampeeding into the bank to cash their social security checks. I decided to go off to Central to watch a video my Anth. Professor put on reserve. Only to find out the reserve room didn't get the memo. I hate it when people don't get the memo! Anyway now realizing I've wasted only an hour of the day. I'm heading back to the home town to crank out either a brick or just lace up my New Balances and putting some miles on the pavement. In either case the weather is supposed to be relatively warm so tomorrow I will probably attempt a long ride, maybe even a long ride with less. Next weekend is the last go hard or go home weekend before taper so tomorrow's ride will be at least 70 miles, hopefully some of that sand they threw down will wash away. Team Zoot GU has confirmed I'm a member so expect alot of posts of me glorifying my Zoot T-2 wetzoot. Also the guys at GU really need to make an energy bar....preferably one low in fiber.....I'd be happy to crash test it.

Well in a recap I wasted gas and time going to Central...although I was able to get this post in up there so I guess it's not a total loss.

Racing the setting Sun.

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Speed Racer said...

Last weekend before taper. I'm getting excited!