Friday, February 1, 2008

This weeks poll: Should I shave for the Ironman?

Alright this post / poll is months in the making: Should I shave my legs for the Ironman?
Now in endurance/olympic sports, "the shave" is a topic of much debate. "Does it really give an advantage?" "Is it a psycological thing?" " Do you know how bad it itches when it grows back?" So the question in this week's poll
Should I shave for the Ironman?

Reasons pro shave:
Any one who knows me knows I'm a hairy beast, so by shaving I would drop about 10 pounds.
Get to show off my defined calves of steel.
Haven't shaved for a competitive event since State Swimming trials in High school, and it used to give me a good 10 second time drop.
I can say with confidence that I have done everything to try to earn a Kona Slot.

Reasons against Shvaing:
You're coming back to New England in March you furless freak!
Supposedly it's "un-manly" to have smooth legs.
The itching, the burning, the chafing.
Two words: Razor Burn.

So those are the arguments vote wisely.

The Jake Voskul of the Polls.


Ken Schulz said...

Murphy's Law... If you don't shave your probability of crashing increases along with your chance of infection as the wound heals.

Angry Runner said...

only if you have sexy legs

Speed Racer said...

SHAVE! Metro is the new hetero, you'll look better, and no one will be afraid to share their body glide with you at the start.

Not to mention, your shower drain will probably thank you when you get home.

Jodi said...

All the cool kids are doing it.

Oh, and here is a bit of advice from my friend Jonny who was the second pro at IM Canada: Never, EVER clip your toenails the week of your Ironman. It guarantees a slow swim. Haven't quite figured that one out...


Mr. Satan A. Chilles said...

Guess I'm the only one who's pro-hair. If it's really going to make you at least feel faster, go for it, but otherwise, I think it's not worth the trouble.

iron-boyer said...

Yes...start shaving! Riding behind you has been quiet an experience for me. Why do you think I get the hills up so fast? I was scared getting caught in the hair behind you...
Just kidding but you will feel great with smooth legs. Good luck! Make us proud!